Sohostel | Brand Design

Design a versatile and affordable brand for a funky backpacker hostel in central London, with profits going to help combat homelessness. The identity needed to be accessible to an international audience of young travellers, and this was the starting point for the concept.

  • Pictograms are recognised across cultures and are used extensively in areas where travellers converge, such as airports and train stations. This concept plays with these recognisable figures, centring around a backpacker pictogram within the logo.
  • We follow the figure as it sleeps, drops off its bag, relaxes in the common space, does its laundry etc.
  • The building was old and had a complicated layout, so we chose a vibrant colour scheme that could be used for zoning and wayfinding.
  • The bold wall colours make the space feel full, lively and modern with very little cost.
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    Branding, Charity / Third Sector, Graphic Design, Spatial Design, Web Design
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