NBA | Spatial design

Design graphics for three large walls in the new European headquarters of the National Basketball Association (NBA).


  • The first area was a transitional space – a long tapering corridor with awkward architectural features. The concept was to show the history of the NBA as a time-line, with information about significant events and corresponding images. Large monotone images add texture, keeping the space lively and NBA focused without being overpowering. The smallest return featured a measuring tape, showing the height of significant NBA players. Toilet doors use the NBA and WNBA logos to denote male and female
  • The other space continues in the style of the time-line wall. It shows all the teams within the NBA family – the NBA, WNBA and the D League. Within each area there are images and blurb about significant European players.
  • The final wall is dedicated to the winner of the most valued player (MVP) accolade. It shows a large image and an embossed quote.
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    Data Visualisation, Graphic Design, Spatial Design
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