KAYU | Website design

Redesign the website for ethical accessories brand KAYU, which blends modern Californian style with traditional crafts of South East Asia.


  • I started by analysing the current site, and seeing what worked on their competitor’s sites
  • This is a luxury brand and so the website needed to convey quality and style. I simplified the fonts and colour palette, and suggested new layouts of each page to look more high end.
  • I created a simple, clean design, with a flexible landing page that allowed the client to showcase their brand values and product.
  • The site gives emphasis to the story of the KAYU brand: products that are handcrafted out of natural materials using indigenous techniques, and providing additional income to women in South East Asia. I highlighted the values of Kayu – handmade, quality and ethical, and philanthropy. These values are key to Kayu’s brand and PR, with many celebrities choosing to promote the brand for its ethical stance.
  • The site was made more user friendly with simple search and filter options, and product pages were redesigned to better showcase the products, the materials used and their origins.
  • The result is a clean, stylish website which better promotes this ethical luxury brand.
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