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Design a catalogue to showcase Distinctively Me; its ethos, USP and product range.  The catalogue will be used as a hand-out at various events, as a stand alone promotional item and to accompany the gift certificates via post.  They style of the catalogue should relect the brand values of quality, comfort, personal, luxury and approachability.


  • The cover was made from thick stock, with a texture that gives a sense of luxury and a nod to fabric. The cover has fold-in flaps at the front and back to increase durability and create a panel where the gift certificate can sit.
  • Similar to the highly patterned linings of some high-end suits, endpapers can add a sense of opulence, fun and quality because they are entirely decorative. The endpapers for the catalogue use a pattern created by repeating the logo. They peak out from behind the flap of the inside front cover.
  • About pages tell the customer about the brand, the consultation process, prices and materials. I simplified the service offered into 5 steps covering initial consultation, garment selection, material/ finishes, fitting, and delivery.
  • Some of the barriers to purchasing were addressed; such as cost, time, concerns about changing body size. Copy was kept concise, positive and conversational: a best friend helping the customer to shop. The key was to show and not tell: rather than saying that the consultation process is not daunting, for example, we made everything about the catalogue warm and inviting.
  • Product pages featured a fashion sketch and a description of the item, as well client testimonials. We went for illustrations rather than photography, as it would help clients of different sizes to relate to the garments.
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