We’ve rebranded!

6th March 2019 uncategorised 0 Comments
small people painting a small studios logo and removing the old small+co one.

Welcome to small studios!

Those of you who we’ve worked with before might notice that we look a little bit different. Well… a lot different. We’ve rebranded: small+co is now small studios. You’ll still get the same great personal service and intelligent, quality design, just wrapped in a lovely new package.

What’s new?

Since we started in 2012, a lot has changed. So we thought it was time we reflected those changes in a more modern design and a simpler name.

We asked some of our clients for feedback on our old brand, and they told us they got ‘small’ but not ‘+co’. It just wasn’t memorable. Our workspace has always been called small studios so it seemed a natural evolution.

small logo
our new logo

Our new name is more digital friendly and searchable. Lots of internet platforms and search engines don’t like symbols, so sometimes we were small+co, smallco or smallandco. A nightmare for SEO!

With the name change came a new logo. We tasked graphic designer Kajal Cook, one of our small creatives, with designing a logo that had character. She brought us Verveine, a font from foundry Dalton Maag, that is bursting with personality. We love the casual, dynamic handwritten feel. We coupled this with the simple, elegant Source Sans Pro, to show our sensible professional side.

Two small fonts: verveine and Source sans pro

Our miniature models – the small people – continue to be an important part of our brand. You’ll see them up to all sorts throughout our site.

Photographer Catriona Grey shwn behind a large macro lens getting a close up of a small painter
Photographer Catriona Grey getting a close up of our small painter

We’ve also added some hand-drawn icons. We’re always sketching ideas and layouts, so we brought this into the brand.

Icons from site including: clipboard, mouse, bulb, thought bubble, business cards.

Our colour palette has changed too: the olive green has a safe, reliable feel to it, with splashes of coral and yellow adding a bit of personality a fun.

small colours: coral, olive, grey, yellow

Let us know what you think!

We’re so happy with the new look and feel. What do you think? Do get in touch with your feedback – we’d love to hear from you:  hello@smallstudios.co.uk